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28/08/2019 · INTJ Leadership: How the INTJ Handles Managing Others While leadership roles are important, not everyone is suited to these positions. Some people are meant to lead, while others prefer to follow or even just remain on their own. For some people it isn’t that they would make for bad leaders, they don’t don’t feel comfortable []. INTJ leadership is almost universally born of necessity. In the absence of acceptable alternatives, an INTJ will take the reigns. This is often done with an extra side of "fuckit" brought about by incompetence in the current leadership. Now, INTJs typically make very good leaders. INTJ Leadership Traits. INTJs are normally introverted and we need our alone time to recharge. It’s also noted that despite the fact the we can excel as leaders, we prefer to remain low-key and would not lead unless it is absolutely needed. Jan 26, 2019 - Explore coaco09's board "leadership & Personality" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Intj personality, Personality and Leadership personality. The INTJ is the patient visionary clear on how the future should look and will work with quiet, logical determination to make it happen. The INTJ loves an intellectual challenge and is stimulated by the abstract, the complex, the new and the untried; facts and figures bore them.

INTJ – “Lead From Behind” The INTJ leader is likely to be atypical in how hands-on their style of leadership may be. INTJs are likely to lead from behind but not from the sidelines. They prefer to be heavily involved in almost every aspect and personally work. INTJ stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging while ENTJ is the same except instead of being introverted, they’re extroverted. Before we get into details, you first have to understand that just because “I” means introverted and “E” means extroverted doesn’t mean that’s solely where these two differ. Arrogant – Architect personalities can carry their confidence too far. They may falsely believe that they’ve fixed all the issues of a matter, then call it a day, rejecting the opposing opinions of those they believe to be intellectually inferior. Great question. I'll start my answer with some ground work: INTJs have a stereotype that goes something like this: "INTJs would make great leaders, they would just rather have someone else who is more capable do it first." This statement is bad in. Contrary to public belief, INTPs do have leadership abilities. However, these skills tend to lie fallow for various reasons that we shall explore shortly. When INTPs do lead, their strategic planning abilities, knowledge and unconventionality provide advantages to the team that are characteristically Rational.

INFJs are insightful, brilliant leaders who are likeable and encouraging, seeking to bring out the potential in others through their leadership. Although they prefer to stay out of the spotlight, INFJs will rise to leadership when they see a humanistic purpose in what they are doing.

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